Andrew Pledger

I'm Andrew Pledger, a queer survivor, digital creator, and activist. I grew up in a fundamentalist cult (IFB), underwent homeschooling from K-12, and eventually attended the cult, Bob Jones University. I was expelled during my senior year for speaking up. I courageously shared my personal story of experiencing religious trauma as a queer person and denounced fundamentalist teachings. My journey began with an interview with former pastor Josh Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye. My story has been featured on prominent platforms like MSN, Yahoo, Nerdwallet, and Religion News Service. Currently, I serve as the Social Media Manager for the IndoctriNation Podcast and work for Rachel Bernstein, a respected therapist and cult expert who hosts the show. With a BA in General Studies/Psychology, I utilize my role as a digital creator to educate others on religious trauma, cults, and fundamentalism.

My mission is to create podcasts, videos, and resources that amplify survivors' voices, provide support, and raise awareness about abuse in high-control groups. I focus on content creation tailored to survivors of religious abuse and high-control environments, offering validation, empowerment, education, and a sense of community. Through my work, I strive for a world where survivors are truly listened to, find healing, and regain their freedom. I firmly believe in the transformative power of personal stories and the ability to effect change by speaking out collectively and encouraging others to do the same.